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Field Service Businesses Field Service Businesses

Improve operations & strengthen customer relationships.

Operational Improvements

The field service industry can be incredibly complex, and there is no room for error — especially when it’s an emergency such as a burst water pipe or broken air conditioner.

Properly scheduling and managing crews, vehicles, equipment, maintenance, customer service appointments, billing, insurance claims, account management and other aspects of field service businesses can help your company thrive.

Inovi Solutions works with emergency response companies, construction firms, HVAC companies, electrical contractors, plumbers, and other field service businesses to develop and implement customized Salesforce Field Service Lightning solutions that allow them to improve their operations and create stronger customer relationships.

Data Migration & System Integration Expertise

Our team ensures that your most valuable assets — your customer, operational and financial data — stay secure and protected.

We will seamlessly migrate your data from legacy systems and ensure that Salesforce and those other platforms talk to each other for continued data integrity.

We can also integrate your Salesforce organization with any third party specialty platforms you rely on for human resources, payroll, employee benefits, hiring, invoicing and billing, accounting, bookkeeping, digital asset management, digital marketing and e-mail, insurance claims, etc.

Improve ROI

Bespoke development by Inovi Solutions can deliver immediate return on your investment in Salesforce and Field Service Lightning because our solutions empower your employees to perform their best work. Time consuming and repetitive tasks can be done in a fraction of the time, while customer satisfaction grows and business development improves.

Custom Enterprise FSL Solutions

Inovi’s dedicated team of Certified Salesforce Consultants works closely with the senior leadership at each client to diagnose and reveal operational pain points that are holding you back.

We then architect and develop custom functionality within the Salesforce platform and FSL application to mirror and support your unique operations and solve your pain points so you can run your business more efficiently, effectively and smoothly.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Better operations and service delivery means happier customers. Custom Salesforce and Field Service Lightning solutions from Inovi Solutions empower your team to provide better service and account management so your customers will become even more loyal and sticky.

We can also create proactive upselling opportunities and business development targets as part of your day-to-day service on your most valuable accounts.

Ongoing Development Support

As your field service business evolves and your needs change, Inovi’s team of Salesforce developers can support your organization with ongoing support. Our team can also augment your existing staff or third party resources with flexible and affordable solutions on a part-time, short-term or long-term basis.