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Inovi Solutions is Proud to Join the Pledge 1% Movement to Support Nonprofits

Inovi Solutions is honored to join Pledge 1%, a global movement that encourages businesses to donate their time/product/profit/equity to make a positive social impact in their communities.

We have committed to donating 1% of our staff time to help nonprofits and charitable organizations of all sizes digitally transform their business operations by migrating to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, which gives qualified nonprofits 10 FREE SEATS that are worth about $16,000 per year as part of their philanthropic commitment.

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Pledge 1% has more than 15,000 supporting companies around the world who have committed to donating to a charity or social cause of their choice.

In addition to donating 1% of our staff time, Inovi Solutions also offers nonprofits a discounted rate for Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consulting and development services because we think supporting organizations that are touching the lives of people in need is the right thing to do.

“We are humbled and honored to have the opportunity to work with nonprofits that are making positive changes in their communities,” said Faiz Mannan, Founder & President of Inovi Solutions. “Our team is incredibly proud of the work we do in migrating nonprofits to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud because it gives them more time to focus on high-payback activities that advance their mission.”

Inovi Solutions has already donated staff time and discounted services to two fast growing nonprofits that focus on women, children and education:

  • Nana Grants, Inc., which raises funds to cover child care costs so low-income single mothers can finish college/university degrees or approved job training programs, get good jobs and gain financial independence.
  • Quality Care for Children, which ensures that Georgia’s infants and young children are nurtured and educated by working to improve the quality of child care programs across Georgia and helping parents access and afford high-quality child care programs.

Our team is proud to work with these and other nonprofits to help them migrate essential operations to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, which allows organizations to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, streamline processes, enhance reporting and data management, manage cases more efficiently, track volunteer hours, organize events, strengthen donor relationships and much more.

Find out how Inovi Solutions can help your nonprofit get started on a digital transformation with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. You can reach us here.

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