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July 8, 2022
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Salesforce Field Services Makes Carolina Filters More Efficient

Carolina Filters, Inc. is a longtime leader in technical cleaning for metallic filtration and associated process equipment, and the company has been developing better processes and techniques to address cleaning challenges since it was founded in 1968.

However, one area that was holding back the company’s growth was their reliance on manual and repetitive processes.

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Employees were using multiple spreadsheets to create and generate quotes for customers, and each employee was doing it his own way — creating inefficiencies and inconsistencies in how quotes were being built and preventing them from making apples-to-apples comparisons on efficiency, service and profitability.

There were no review and approval processes, and no visibility across the enterprise into the scale, scope and potential profitability of customer quotes.

“So many of the tasks were manual and repetitive, and there was no uniformity across how each person was creating quotes so it was harder for us manage the business,” said Robyn McLeod, Executive Assistant at Carolina Filters.

Carolina Filters needed a digital transformation.

The senior leadership team at Carolina Filters decided it was time to migrate their entire operations to Salesforce Field Service. Salesforce account representatives reached out to Inovi Solutions for help developing a customized instance of SFS for Carolina Filters, in addition to some unique features and components that are tailored to their exact business needs.

As we began planning for development and migration to Salesforce Field Service, we created customized standard quote templates that could handle numerous kinds of customer quotes.

Inovi Solutions added features to auto create Work Orders and schedule Service Appointments based on the recurring schedule of each unique job and the different service levels that each job requires — for example, some filters need to be serviced every 6 months, while others are on a 12-month or 24-month schedule.

We developed a customized Quote function that can handle multiple types of quotes as well as quotes for different service levels, and employees can also auto create Opportunity, Work Orders and Schedule Service from an approved Quote. Our team also automated the process for creating Appointments based on the recurring schedule of the job.

For deployment and training, we gradually rolled out the application to different divisions of the company and provided both onsite and virtual training. We helped identify internal champions to support early adoption and encourage peers to use the application.

The outcome was an immediate improvement in productivity, optimized service based on the unique needs of each product being used by each customer, and significant gains in efficiency and service appointments.

“Carolina Filters is more nimble now, and we can respond to customer requests more quickly and with greater consistency. We’re also more efficient and proactive in how we’re scheduling and performing service for the wide range of products our customers use,” McLeod said.