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It’s Time For a CRM Upgrade

Your business has been limping along for a while with a legacy customer relationship management platform that you have clearly outgrown — and it’s starting to hold you back.

Stop suffering with limited functionality, a mediocre user interface and lack of sophistication.

Inovi Solutions works with fast-growing companies across numerous industries, nonprofits and other organizations with evolving business needs who are ready for a CRM and digital marketing upgrade to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Migration & Integration of Legacy Systems

Many CRM systems hold their customers hostage by making it difficult to take your customer data and historical email records with you when you choose to leave their platform.

Our team ensures that your most valuable customer data is secure and protected as we migrate it out of your legacy platform to Salesforce.

We have extensive experience in creating innovative solutions to preserve the entire body of emails and creating custom objects in Salesforce to mirror the way your team does business so you can grow your pipeline, convert new business, enhance business development and provide better service to your customers.

Inovi Solutions has experience with numerous CRM platforms including: Act!, Copper, Dynamics by Microsoft, HubSpot, OnlyOffice, Pipedrive, Pivotal by Aptean, Sage, Streak, Sugar, Zoho

Excellent Use of Donor Resources

Better CRM, account management and customer support means happier clients. Custom Salesforce Sales Cloud and CRM solutions empower your team to provide better service, create proactive upselling opportunities, enhance business development, convert prospects and put more revenue on the board.

Immediate ROI

Bespoke development by Inovi Solutions can deliver immediate return on your investment in Salesforce Sales Cloud because our solutions empower your employees to do their best work. Time consuming and repetitive tasks can be done in a fraction of the time, while your team gains better insights into business development, prospect conversions, pipeline projections, revenue forecasts and account management.

Custom Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions

Inovi’s dedicated team of Certified Salesforce Consultants works closely with the senior leadership at each client to diagnose and reveal CRM, digital marketing, account management and operational pain points that are impeding business growth.

We then architect and develop custom functionality within the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform To mirror and support your unique CRM, digital marketing needs and account management needs to solve your pain points so you can run your business more efficiently, effectively and smoothly.

Transform Digital Marketing

In addition to Sales Cloud, Inovi Solutions helps businesses transform their digital marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

We also create custom Salesforce integration with other third-party marketing platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo, Google Ads and Google Analytics.

System Integration Expertise

Inovi Solutions ensures that Salesforce and other platforms talk to each other for continued data integrity and operational smoothness.

We can integrate your Salesforce organization with third party specialty platforms such as human resources, hiring and onboarding, payroll, employee benefits, invoicing and billing, accounting, bookkeeping, digital asset management, digital marketing and e-mail, etc.

Ongoing Development Support

As your business evolves and your needs change, Inovi can support your enterprise with ongoing custom Salesforce development support. We can also augment your existing staff or third party resources with flexible and affordable solutions on a part-time, short-term or long-term basis.