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Data Migration

Preserving and protecting your most valuable financial, operational and customer data.

Data migration is one of the most delicate tasks any business can undertake. Make one false step, and valuable customer data, financial records and operational information can evaporate into thin air or worse — get corrupted or exposed.

Poorly planned and executed data migration projects can disrupt operations, frustrate employees and customers, damage reputations and interfere with the growth of the business.

Inovi Solutions has a proven and reliable process for smoothly migrating data into or out of the Salesforce platform, and our rigorous testing and redundancy procedures ensure that nothing will get lost.

We begin every data migration project with a thorough analysis of the needs of the business, the current way that data flows between existing platforms, and the quality of the data. That lets us identify upfront any potential snags or mismatch of records that need to be accounted for and corrected before we proceed.

Our team works hard to de-duplicate data, merge fields, validate, authenticate and scrub the data to ensure an even cleaner data set after the cutover occurs.

Then we develop a custom solution to solve the underlying business problem or need, put redundancies in place, and then plan and prepare for the actual data migration for flawless execution that is barely noticed.

We often conduct the final data migration late at night, in the wee hours of the morning, or over the weekend to ensure business continuity and minimize the risk of any possible disruptions or hiccups.

Inovi Solutions has successfully migrated millions of data records from numerous legacy CRM systems, databases and APIs to and from the Salesforce platform — including HubSpot , Copper, SQL Server database, SOAP, REST, and Oracle.

Our team also has decades of collective experience working with data migration programs and auxiliary tools such as Jitterbit, Dataloader.io, DBSync, TaskFactory, CozyRoc, DBAmp, SQL Server Integration Services and many more.

Inovi Solutions is a trusted partner for businesses who want to get data migration right.