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Many nonprofit organizations don’t realize that Salesforce offers 10 free seats to its Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud platform as a way to give back to local communities and empower charities and civic organizations to advance their mission.

Inovi Solutions is proud to also offer a discount on our Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consulting and development services so you can stay focused on helping those in need. We’re a proud member of the Pledge 1% movement, which encourages companies to incorporate philanthropy into how they do business.

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Inovi Solutions works with nonprofits, charitable foundations and civic organizations of all sizes and across many sectors to help them migrate to the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud platform so they can digitally transform their operations.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud can help nonprofits automate repetitive tasks and free up valuable staff resources so they can spend more time doing good in their local neighborhoods. But most nonprofit leaders don’t realize that Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers 10 free seats to qualifying nonprofits — a significant savings that can help them be more productive and effective.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is an integrated platform that can help nonprofits amplify their impact by allowing staff to manage cases more efficiently, automate processes and reports, manage effectiveness, measure progress against benchmarks, integrate bookkeeping and accounting software,

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud can also help strengthen donor relations, enhance digital fundraising, and build lifelong relationships through digital marketing and engagement to raise awareness and recurring support.

As part of the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a purpose-built solution for nonprofits. It offers standard data models and objects that help charitable organizations manage income streams such as donations and inbound grants, disperse funds, manage accounting subledgers, track volunteer hours and in-kind donations, oversee programs and manage cases all in one place.


Many nonprofits don’t have a dedicated IT staff or Salesforce development and consulting resources, and Inovi Solutions is proud to offer our complete suite of services to nonprofits at a discounted rate — it’s another way we give back to the community, and support nonprofits as they help those in need.

Inovi Solutions offers a dedicated team of consultants and developers who can customize Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to meet your organization’s exact needs. Our team can also onboard and train your staff to use this powerful new platform so they can become more efficient and effective as you work on advancing your mission.

Inovi Solutions is proud to be part of the Pledge 1% movement, which leverages future success to create positive impacts in local communities. We have pledged to donate 1% of our time and talents to nonprofits, civic organizations and other initiatives that strengthen communities. Pledge 1% was founded and is spearheaded by Salesforce, Atlassian, Rally for Impact, Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, The Community Foundation of Boulder County, and TIDES to advance a shared vision of encouraging more companies to integrate philanthropy into their mission.