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Salesforce Field Service lets fast-growing companies with complex field service operations give their mobile workforce better tools and visibility so they can provide the very best service and improve first-time fix rates to enhance the bottom line.
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Inovi Solutions works with construction companies, disaster response and mitigation firms, HVAC companies, plumbers, electricians, landscaping services and other companies with field service operations to increase productivity and manage operations more efficiently with Salesforce Field Service (formerly called Field Service Lightning).

We create custom Salesforce Field Service environments that automate and optimize crew scheduling, flexible work shifts, dispatch, appointment grouping, equipment and asset management, inventory tracking, maintenance and visibility across the organization.

Salesforce Field Services lets you create unique records for each worker with details about their skillsets, availability, current location, next anticipated location, travel time, and vehicle/ equipment details for faster on-demand response times when an emergency service call occurs.

Proactive updates and alerts about when a crew is en route help customers plan their day around the service request and elevate the customer experience. We can also integrate other Salesforce tools such as Live Agent chat software to make it easier than ever to chedule or modify service requests and answer questions customers or prospective customers may have.

Companies that use Salesforce Field Service often see a 36% increase in dispatcher productivity, a 28% decrease in work order scheduling and an estimated return on investment of 25%. The platform is device agnostic and works offline so your mobile workforce can have full functionality even when they’re unable to connect to the internet out in the field.

Inovi’s dedicated team of Certified Salesforce Consultants and Developers will work with senior leadership to diagnose your company’s exact field service and operational pain points, and then we will create a custom Salesforce Field Service mobile-friendly hub that empowers your employees to do their best work.

We can develop custom hierarchies, dependencies, resource requests and multi-layer approvals to ensure your internal work rules, protocols and processes are followed in the field, which gives management greater visibility into employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Field Service can help any company with extensive field service operations improve first-time fix or resolution rates, manage equipment and labor more efficiently, and delight customers with flawless service in the field.

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