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Published Date: March 7, 2023 Mohim Ahmad

What are the three parts of Salesforce field service lightning?

Salesforce Field Service is an extension of Service Cloud that provides a complete view of workforce management. Offering services to clients away from your office or site, or “in the field,” is referred to as field service. Think mobile workers like service technicians who provide in-person services, a mechanic who arrives to fix your car, or a plumber you call when a pipe bursts.

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Salesforce Field Services Lightning is used to improve field services’ client experiences. The examination of customer information from a 360-degree perspective is one of the main advantages of adopting Salesforce CRM.

Three Parts of Salesforce Field Service Lightning

There are three core parts of field service lightning. Let’s learn about them in detail below:

Core Field Service

You will get access to various regular items available in Setup, and as tabs in Salesforce once Field Service is enabled. All the primary features of Salesforce Service Cloud are available.

What it does

  • You can create customized operational hours, critical skills, and standard appointment strategies for your company’s needs.
  • You can set up the Salesforce app according to the needs of the remote workforce accessing from distant places.
  • You can monitor records and stocks to satisfy the increased client demand.
  • You can also gather and analyze data from here.

Field Service Managed Package

The Field Service Admin app allows you to control timing and optimization, change the managed package, and access the operator interface.

The Field Service app allows operators to monitor and manage an exact service schedule, allowing them to work at their highest level of efficiency. Never before has managing the workforce been so simple.

What it does

  • You can adjust your schedule according to the requirements of your employer.
  • You will get a complete view of appointment lists, different tables, scheduling activities, and an interactive map.
  • You can maintain the scheduling rules, dispatch the operators, and manage the service appointments.

Field Service Mobile App

If you are a worker carrying a mobile device and always on the run, the Salesforce Field Service mobile application for Android and iOS is a perfect tool for you.

It provides offline functionality that helps users to continue working without an Internet connection and be confident that all of their modifications will be stored.

What it does

  • You can check your schedule of appointments at any time.
  • It will help you verify locations, connect with contacts, and monitor work orders.
  • It will also help you to keep track of tasks and make follow-up visits.
  • It will allow you to use Chatter so that you can communicate with your teammates.
  • You will have access to beneficial information. You can add your required Action on the Gantt Chart.

Features of Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL)

Data for Field Services

Salesforce FSL feature allows you to control inventory and easily keep your team informed about available stocks. You can also keep track of supplies of tools, materials, and items for each project or service with the help of the Salesforce system’s product management.

Managing Work Order

Using FSL, you can automate your field service procedures to produce and maintain work orders. It will be simple to monitor accounts and confirm the requirements for the job using this function.

Management of Supplies

As mentioned earlier, you will be able to control your inventory and keep your entire team informed of all stock available. You can even make this work while the items are on individual work trucks.

Rest assured, product management within the system will keep you and your team aware of available tools, equipment, and merchandise for the project or field service call.

Access through mobile

With the portable option included in the Salesforce Field Service Lightning service, your team can get all data instantly while out in the field and remain in continuous interaction.

Schedule appointments easily

You can quickly and easily see your staff using an FSL dispatch console. Based on the expertise and access of the specialists, you may optimize scheduling as you use this tool. Thus, you won’t ever lose time on the job figuring out the project timetable.