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Published Date: December 17, 2020 Faiz Mannan

What Good Development Resources Looks Like

As any developer can attest, large and complex development projects can quickly turn into nightmares.

The lead developer suddenly quits to take a job at another company across town, and it takes weeks to onboard a replacement. A fire drill on another project siphons away resources and puts your project weeks or months behind. Someone neglects to tell the development team about a fundamental change in scope of the project. The company buys another business with dozens of legacy systems that suddenly need to be integrated.

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Budgets get blown. Deadlines become a fantasy. The list goes on and on.

I started Inovi Solutions to reinvent the way Salesforce development resources happens, starting with a hybrid approach that combines the best of agile and the best of waterfall so we can carefully plan yet be nimble and responsive.

We’ve recruited and built a dedicated team of highly trained and incredibly talented Certified Salesforce Consultants, and they are constantly working on new certifications and adding more capabilities and skills that make them even better at what they do.

Our developers have logged hundreds and hundreds of hours on advanced Salesforce Trailblazer training courses and sandbox simulations as they test and hone new skills, and I was honored to be the Keynote Speaker at the first Salesforce Trailblazer Community Event in Bangladesh in 2019.

Inovi’s team has an average of 6 years of experience in the Salesforce platform, and we’re especially strong with Field Service Lightning, Service Cloud and Sales Cloud.

We have successfully delivered many years-long enterprise scale projects, as well as countless shorter-term custom developments that solved business and operational pain points.

Our team is highly experienced across dozens of the most popular platforms and tools that developers and businesses rely on everyday — CRMs like Copper, APIs such as SOAP and REST, HubSpot, SQL Server database, Oracle, Jitterbit, Dataloader.io, DBSync, TaskFactory, CozyRoc, DBAmp, SQL Server Integration Services, MuleSoft, Heroku, AWS Services and many more.

Our culture of continuous learning is one of the reasons Inovi has a zero attrition rate, which means you get to work with the same incredible team from start to finish. That prevents the “brain drain” that usually plagues most projects as they get handed off again and again to new people, and ensures continuity and knowledge accumulation throughout your entire project.

One of our biggest strengths is that Inovi Solutions offers scalable resources, so your team can lean on ours to quickly flex up or down as the needs of your business fluctuate. Sometimes that means a 4-week engagement on an intense project with a hard deadline. Or that might mean part-time engagements or long-term engagements to augment your team for all kinds of day-to-day projects that are more efficient to outsource.

We’re proud of our track record of providing the very best Salesforce development resources on a wide range of projects for companies of all sizes, and we look forward to showing you what good development resources should look like.