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APRIL 17, 2023
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Carolina Filters’ Expands Data-Driven Decision Making with Accounting Seed

With its most recent implementation of Accounting Seed — the #1 accounting software native to Salesforce — Carolina Filters is building on the success of its existing Salesforce CRM and Field Service platforms.

Carolina Filters, Inc. is a longtime leader in technical cleaning for metallic filtration and associated process equipment. Founded in 1968, the company began its digital transformation in 2018 with the implementation of Salesforce CRM, followed by the addition of Salesforce Field Service in 2021. The outcome was an immediate improvement in productivity, optimized service, and significant gains in efficiency and service appointments. Learn More.

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Carolina Filters was introduced to Inovi Solutions by their Salesforce Account Representative. Inovi developed a customized instance of Salesforce Field Service for Carolina Filters in 2022, providing the team with greater flexibility and access in the field—all while never leaving the Salesforce Platform. After experiencing success from their initial implementation, the company sought guidance from Inovi Solutions when considering a new accounting platform to work within Salesforce.

“We’d already experienced working with Inovi to set up our Field Service platform. Faiz’s recommendation of Accounting Seed was an important part of our decision process,” said Cody Clepper, Carolina Filters’ chief financial officer.”

Following the successful implementation of Salesforce Field Service, Carolina Filters began exploring ways to bridge the gap between accounting and operations. The company has been using an outdated accounting solution that was not integrated into Salesforce—causing issues with duplicate and inaccurate data. Accounting Seed is the leading Salesforce-native accounting solution, making it a logical choice for the fast-growing company.

After we decided to implement Salesforce for CRM back in 2018, we soon realized we wanted to have everything integrated. We started with Field Service. Then it just made sense to use Accounting Seed to tie everything together, ” said Clepper.

Clepper and team not only needed a solution that was on the Salesforce Platform to eliminate disparate data, but they also needed an accounting solution that could be molded to their particular requirements. Historically, accounting software is known for being rigid in nature with limited capability for customization. Because Accounting Seed is native to Salesforce, the solution taps into the configuration capabilities of the Salesforce Platform—adding custom fields and workflows, automating recurring tasks such as billings and journal entries, and so much more.

“Because Accounting Seed is on the Salesforce Platform, you don’t have to build a complex integration, and you can customize it as needed. If you want to capture additional data elements — for example, the tracking number of the shipper — it’s quick and easy,” he added.

Accounting Seed allows Carolina Filters to fully integrate its sales, accounting and customer service operations on one platform. From opportunity tracking to service delivery to billing and revenue, company leaders have full control and visibility into the company’s core functions, and into business profitability metrics. Carolina Filters can now run its business from one system with a single source of data—eliminating silos of missing and inaccurate information.

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“The data visibility is excellent. We were lacking that with our previous platforms. And now there’s a smoother flow of previously siloed operations. We can go from opportunity to quote to bill quickly, with minimal data entry. It just flows through. That connectivity is going to be key as we continue to grow,” said Clepper.

The use of cloud-based accounting software like Accounting Seed provides real-time visibility into financial performance with flexible general ledger capabilities and automated workflows—much of which Inovi Solutions is fully equipped to implement for growing businesses.

“Inovi delivered a smooth transition, including training and go-live support. We’ve only been using Accounting Seed for a month, but we can already see the potential return on investment. Our growth plans include ongoing hiring and opening new branches, so plenty of strategic decisions will be made with the help of Salesforce Accounting Seed, Field Service and CRM,” said Clepper.

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