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July 10, 2023
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Inovi Solutions transforms FSL with Jobscope & SAP Concur to get True Cost Analysis for JLS Automation

JLS Automation helps food packagers optimize performance and yield while ensuring safe operations and food safety with its hygienic robotic packaging solutions. The intuitive, user-friendly designs solve packaging challenges with simple, easy-to-use custom vision-guided primary and secondary robotic packaging systems. Hygienic primary product handling systems, case packers and cartoners from JLS optimize performance and maximize output while tackling the strictest sanitary requirements.

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Win Story: JLS Automation


Automation Manufacturing

Salesforce Field Service

Jobscope & Concur

Original Challenge

Tracking Expenses & Time Entries

JLS had FSL implemented but only half way, they weren’t utilizing it to the full extent. They wanted to capture all expenses & time entries related to the different types of jobs they were servicing to get an actual cost of the particular Installation & Service work orders they were doing. Their current process was manual, redundant, very time consuming and not providing a clear picture of what their expenses and hours worked were and what work orders they were tied to. They were looking for one source of truth!

Solution I


By integrating Jobscope, Inovi connected data from a SQL server database for approved and unapproved time data entries & pushed them into a staging object in Salesforce so every hour JLS’s job entries were updated. This allowed JLS to go from a manual, time consuming process to an Automated more up to date system allowing their team to focus on other projects.

Solution II

Integrated SAP Concur

By Inovi Solutions integrating SAP Concur and using REST API, JLS was able to pull all expenses entered for a job and assign it to the right work order. Prior to that there was a lot of multiple steps taken & incorrect entries. JLS was also able to reduce duplicate records getting created, reduce click rates, were able to streamline their Reporting & Billing and have one source of truth to turn to!


Inovi Solutions transformed JLS’s FSL allowing them to get true cost analysis in a quicker more efficient way and provide JLS one source of truth to turn to!


“Inovi Solutions delivered the project successfully, allowing the JLS team to reduce their data entry time and time to generate invoices. The Inovi team managed the project effectively by facilitating weekly meetings resulting in clear communication. Moreover, they delivered on time and within budget.”

Steele Burchell
Program Manager – JLS