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Inovi Solutions is a trusted leader in strategic Salesforce consulting, project roadmapping and implementation. We work with businesses of all sizes to identify their pain points and critical operational needs. We then create and execute customized solutions and application development across the Salesforce platform.

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“Your commitment to our success sets a new standard for our definition of a partner. Your candor and transparency during the conversion provided a great sense of comfort. There was a true sense of dedication toward achieving the desired solution and fulfilling our expectations. We are completely satisfied with the results.”

— Jeff Clark, Chief Operating Officer at brrr°


Introducing Our New Name and Look: Inovi Solutions

Five years ago, I started a strategic IT and Salesforce consulting firm to help other companies eliminate the stress of designing and implementing complex technology projects. My vision was for Inovitio to serve as a true business partner of other companies to help them avoid the “brain drain” that often plagues challenging projects, with frequent handoffs, employee turnover, miscommunication, and shortcomings in the testing environment that can hurt adoption or even harm business operations.

How to Migrate 1 Million Emails From Copper to Salesforce in Just 48 Hours

Cooling fabric startup company brrr° had an increasingly frustrating problem on its hands: it had outgrown its old customer relationship management platform, Copper. Copper, which works with Google’s G Suite platform, met brrr°’s needs in the company’s early days when CRM was the primary use

A More Valuable Way to Use Five9 Call Recordings in Salesforce

Five9 is a great CRM augmentation tool for Salesforce as it captures customer calls and provides agents with profiles, sentiments, persona and next best action features that make them more effective at their jobs. But many orgs aren’t using Five9 to its full potential, and that means sub-optimized use of